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Our Services

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through education

A great education is the most important asset you could give to your future self. North America has highly reputable colleges and universities offering thousands of programs, majors and diplomas. You can explore the buffet of options before you then pick and apply to whatever feels right for you. With an offer to your institution of choice, our services guarantee you a visa to get you started on the journey to a successful you!

Work For Acclaimed International Companies

North America is also host to innumerable world-famous companies. Whether you’re transferring to one of their branches abroad, starting new or planning to apply once you’re there, we can help you secure a work permit or visa. Foreign nationals cannot gain employment without some form of work authorization. Allow us to handle the specifics and secure that authorization for you while you prepare for your new job!

Move To A Different Country

Looking for better opportunities, immigrate to North America and you’ll be in good company. Both the USA and Canada are countries of immigrants, while much has changed in modern times, it still stands true that immigrants to those countries can carve out their own lives there. However, there are several immigration pathways and choosing the right one can take a lot of research and time. We can streamline this process for you by recommending immigration schemes based on your history, goals and opportunities. We can also make the entire experience straightforward and hassle free by handling all the documentation and filing for you.

Join over 80,000 people from India obtaining permanent resident ship of Canada every year

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