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Super Visa Applications

Super visa allows parents and grandparents to visit Canada to meet their families and also to allow them to stay there upto 2 years with multiple entries And no headache of the renewal in every 6 months.

Start-up Visa

The startup visa is for those immigrant entrepreneurs who got the skills to take care of a start-up and run their own business. The condition is that the business idea must have the potential to create job opportunities for Candians.

Student Visa Applications

Student visa is a necessity for every student who is willing to study abroad. We help the students who wish to continue their studies in Canada by assisting them in acquiring their student visa.

Citizenship Applications

There are multiple rights and privileges offered to the canadian citizens, and if you meet all the criterias to obtain canadian citizenship we can help you to apply for the canadian citizenship which later is followed by the oath taking ceremony.

family sponsorships

Family reunification is one of the top most priorities for the government of Canada and therefore they allow you to sponsor any of your family members be it your spouse, parents, kids or any other member to become permanent citizens of Canada if you prove to the government that you are financially able to sponsor them.

Visitor Visa Applications

If you want to visit Canada Just for holidays, or you want to meet your family you need to apply for a temporary resident visa (TRV) also known as visitor visa to get admission to Canada. There are various restrictions attached to it which the person must follow.

Parent Sponsorship Applications

You can apply to sponsor your parents and grandparents to become the permanent residents of Canada. You can only apply for this application if you have the invitation to apply.Work Permit Applications.

PR Applications

Permanent resident in Canada is different from the canadian citizenship. In the PR application the resident is allowed to live, work and settle in canada as long as they can maintain their status. As a PR you would not be able to work for jobs which need high security clearance.

PNP Applications

This is an interesting opportunity for provinces and territories to nominate individuals who are willing to immigrate to Canada and get settled in a specific province. The only condition to settle in Canada is to have proper skill, education, or work experience to settle in Canada.

US Visitor Visa Applications

There are two types of applications from USA who wants to move to Canada, and In both the manner you need visa to get admission in Canada:
>Temporary movement (holidays, business visit, visit to family or under NAFTA)
> Permanent movement (business immigration, express entry, family sponsorship)

Work Permit

This is a legal document to authorize the forgien nationals to work in Canada. You might need the TRV along with the work permit. There are two types of work permits offered: Open Work Permit: It allows you to work with any employer who comply with the employment standards in canada. Employer Specific Work Permit: It bounds the employee to work for a particular employer or for a specific duration of time.

Criminal Rehabilitation

A forgien national while staying in canada commence any criminal offence is not allowed to enter the country for any reason. You need to apply for forgiveness with the criminal rehabilitation form, and once you successfully undergo the process you can enter the country with a Temporary resident visa.